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WordPress V2.xTemplate Tag Reference Guide as of Version 2.x

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Comment Tags

Comment Countcomments_number();

Link to Post Commentscomments_link();

Link to RSS Feed of Post Commentscomments_rss_link();

JavaScript for Pop-Up Windowcomments_popup_script();

Link to Pop-Up Windowcomments_popup_script();

Comment IDcomment_ID();

Author of Commentcomment_author();

IP Address of Comment Authorcomment_author_IP();

Email of Comment Authorcomment_author_email();

Website URL of Comment Authorcomment_author_url();

Mailto Link to Comment Authorcomment_author_email_link();

Link to Website URL of Comment Authorcomment_author_link();

Type of Commentcomment_type();

Comment Textcomment_text();

Comment Excerptcomment_excerpt();

Date of Commentcomment_date();

Time of Commentcomment_time();

Comment Author's Name Formatted for RSScomment_author_rss();

Comment Text Formatted for RSScomment_text_rss();

Comment Link Formatted for RSScomment_link_rss();

Comment Permalink Formatted for RSSpermalink_comments_rss();