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DBS Interactive Wins International Awards for B2B Marketing

DBS Interactive

At DBS Interactive, we view awards for effective B2B marketing and web development as validation of thoughtful, creative work that we’re passionate about. Still, seeing the work deliver results for our clients is the ultimate award.

That’s why we are excited to announce that DBS received two Summit International Awards for Marketing Effectiveness in 2019:

    1. Platinum Award — For our integrated, omnichannel B2B marketing campaign for Kao Collins’s SIGMA Solvent Ink


  1. Silver Award — For our design and development of the Kao Collins B2B website.

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About Our Summit International Awards

There were more than 1,400 submissions in the Marketing Effectiveness Awards category, originating from 10 different countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, India, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

These awards from Summit International recognized the latest web design, web development, and integrated marketing work we delivered for Kao Collins, a global manufacturer of industrial inkjet inks. The company prides itself on innovative solutions. Our work reflects that spirit.

“We were excited to be honored for work that truly showcases our amazing products,” said Kristin Adams, Marketing Manager for Kao Collins. “Our marketing was on the same stage as other winners, like Stanley Black & Decker, Bank of America, and AARP,” she added.

Platinum Award — Integrated Campaign B2B

When a manufacturing company develops a revolutionary new product, a successful go-to-market strategy depends on effective business-to-business marketing. In late 2019, Kao Collins launched Sigma, a solvent-based ink for HP Specialty Printing Systems.

examples of our award winning b2b integrated marketing campaign for Sigma ink

Two ads used in our integrated campaign for Sigma ink

The timeline to launch the Sigma campaign was aggressive.

Its unique selling propositions centered on the technological advancements that Kao Collins made when creating the ink. Our B2B campaign strategy focused on communicating these innovations because they made Kao’s ink a superior product compared to competitors.

Sigma Ink Solved Two Major Friction Points for Customers

  1. Sigma ink technology makes it possible for the ink to remain unclosed for a length of time that is four times longer than other solvent inks. That saves significant production time for industrial printing companies–which of course, saves them money. That’s always a win for Kao Collins customers.
  2. The two-year shelf life of Sigma ink reduces the need to discard expired supply. That saves money, while also supporting sustainability goals for companies wanting to minimize the impact of their inkjet printing operations on the environment.

The ongoing Sigma ink campaign relies on fresh blog content, active public relations with trade publications, targeted social media, email marketing, and print advertising.

Sigma Integrated Marketing Campaign Results

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  • Email marketing: Emails to the organization’s subscriber list immediately generated new sales leads.
  • Organic Search: The brand awareness generated by the campaign is equally impressive. Organic search impressions for brand-related keywords grew more than 66%.
  • New Users: The campaign attracted an increase in new user visits to product-related pages of the company website.
  • Website Traffic from Print Ads: Based on a unique URL used within print advertisements, we measured a 35% increase in direct traffic to the Sigma product page.
  • Partnership Inquiries: A related result was a dramatic increase in inquiries from manufactures of industrial inkjet printing systems looking to Kao Collins as a potential supplier of inks for the production equipment they sell.

Silver Award — Website

screenshot of the Kao Collins b2b website home page
This year, we set out to build a stunning new website for Kao Collins, a manufacturer of industrial inkjet ink.

But stunning visuals only go so far. We knew the business-to-business (B2B) site had to deliver an equally stunning increase in leads.

Guess what? It did.

Four Pillars of Digital Success

The foundation of the website was built on the solid ground of digital strategy. From personas to user stories, every facet of the website was matched to these strategic goals:

  • A simple and clear UX to guide the user journey
  • Search-optimized content for their portfolio of inkjet inks, printing technologies, and their related services
  • Technical SEO to deliver superior performance that search engines reward with higher and more prominent search rankings, including voice search
  • Design that supports the UX while delivering strong visual appeal

Together, these goals delivered a user experience that makes it easy for prospects visiting the site to quickly find the products and services they needed.

Our Measurable Results

The results of this newly-launched website for our client validated our strategic goals when we compared the performance of the new site to the previous site. We expected a jump in organic leads, and were pleasantly surprised at the significant boost in leads generated from direct traffic.

Additionally, we observed a decrease in pages-per-session, which confirmed the work we did to create a seamless UX that reduced the need for users to navigate to extra pages.

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New B2B Website Launch Success Metrics

  • Organic Leads: 128% increase, compared to the previous year
  • Direct Leads: 66% increase
  • Overall Conversion Rate: 116% improvement
  • Pages Per Session: 21% decrease
  • Average Session Duration: 4% increase

Focus On B2B Clients and Get Results

When passion for meeting client goals combines with meticulous planning, strategic execution, and untethered creativity, awards sometimes follow.

CEO of DBS Interactive Cyndi Masters summed it up simply: “Creativity without results may win awards for an agency, but the client doesn’t win.”

Want award-winning B2B agency service? Contact us at DBS Interactive to discuss a winning strategy that can achieve your goals.