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DBS>Interactive Welcomes Brian Maier

DBS Interactive
A picture of Brian

Brian Maier joins DBS>Interactive as our newest web designer and front end developer. Before working at DBS, Brian resided in Cincinnati, Ohio and worked at Mindbox Studios, and was a freelance designer. He has worked on a variety of designs for companies small and large. Some prominent clients he has worked on include Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble, as well as many startup companies for Continuous Web, a community showcase for startups and tech professionals.

Brian brings 4 years of design experience to the DBS team, and has had his designs featured in many galleries, including Mashable. Brian is excited to join our team, and said “After a week of work I am already amazed by the talent and the team here at DBS>Interactive. Previously, I frowned on things such as “office jobs’ or even “in-house designers”. I see that in the right setting like the one here at DBS, they are wonderful and even magical.”

Welcome to the team, Brian!