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Why Your Business Could Use a Podcast

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Whether they’re traveling, going for a walk, or working their 9 to 5, more people than ever are listening to podcasts. Despite a brief dip in popularity, podcasts have made a significant comeback and continue to be adopted by new users everyday. While they may not seem as trendy as they once did, they are definitely presenting more opportunities to businesses than ever before.

So why exactly should you consider starting a podcast in 2017? If you understand your audience well, the medium can add a new dimension to your current marketing efforts. We’ve outlined some of the best reasons to add a podcast to your current digital strategy.

Quick and Easy to Record

The first thing you should understand about podcasts is that they’ve become incredibly easy to record in recent years. While a quality microphone and good headphones are a must, they can be acquired easily and don’t cost a lot. Editing software is also readily available. While this is still considered the most challenging part of the process, it is generally considered a lot easier than video editing. Therefore, if you still haven’t gotten on the video content train, consider developing a podcast for a quick, effective alternative.

After you’ve recorded and edited, uploading is a breeze. Just be sure to push your podcast across a variety of platforms and channels. This will maximize exposure, increase your reach, and generate greater traffic and brand awareness. This leads us to our next point……

Generate Additional Traffic

As we’ve mentioned, more people than ever are listening to podcasts. Figuring out who you want to target is the real challenge. By carefully defining your target audience, you stand to reach a number of listeners or consumers that you never could have imagined. By positioning yourself as an expert in your field (answering popular questions or delivering information that you know your audience is looking for) more users will seek you out than ever before.

A podcast offers an effective opportunity for users to consume this information in a way you probably haven’t seriously considered. If you have a talent for public speaking, this whole process becomes even easier. If not, don’t worry. Useful content is the name of the game, even in podcast form. Odds are, you have a story to tell that’s just waiting to be shared. The demand for quality info may surprise you.

Build Relationships with Your Audience

In addition to using podcasts to reach new audiences, they can help you build relationships with your listeners. If your podcast is effectively delivering value (whether information or entertainment) audiences will generally become repeat listeners. And the more content you create, the more content they’ll readily consumer. This can go a long way towards establishing brand loyalty and even turning listeners into promoters.

If your audience trusts you enough and receives enough quality information from your podcast to recommend it to friends, you’re doing something right. Podcasts allow you to express your brand identity and expertise in ways that even social media doesn’t allow. Don’t underestimate that value found in delivering your message to the public with an actual human voice. The familiarity this breeds with your audience cannot be attained through text. As such, this brand personalization that develops is well worth the time it takes to set up a makeshift recording studio.

Increase the Number of Conversions

In addition to improving traffic to your site and building relationships with your audience, podcasts can do wonders for your conversion rate. A lot of this relies on the authority with which you speak and the information you get across during your podcast. If you effectively establish yourself as an expert, consumer confidence in the products or services you are selling skyrockets. More than ever, consumers are skeptical when it comes to trusting a brand. Promoting a podcast is another excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition and encourage your audience to buy from you.

Be sure to keep conversions in mind when recording. This doesn’t mean use your podcast as an extremely long advertisement for your products, but it does mean that you shouldn’t shy away from mentioning promotions or special deals you may be offering. Feel free to make your listeners aware of unique products or specials. If they trust your opinion, they’ll definitely thank you for it.

In the end, businesses are still a long way from utilizing podcasts to their full potential. Despite the widespread adoption of the medium, the number of businesses effectively incorporating podcasts in their marketing strategies is surprisingly low. As such, there’s an excellent chance that most of your competitors are failing to embrace this opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Grab a microphone and get recording!