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WordPress V5.0+Template Tag Reference Guide as of Version 5.2

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Security Tags

Verify File Signature verify_file_signature();

Generate Postdata generate_postdata();

WP Get Extension Error Description wp_get_extension_error_description();

is WP Version Compatible is_wp_version_compatible();

is PHP Version Compatible is_php_version_compatible();

WP Title Attributewp_filter_oembed_iframe_title_attribute();

WP Admin Bar Recovery Mode Menu wp_admin_bar_recovery_mode_menu();

WP Resume Extensions Caps wp_maybe_grant_resume_extensions_caps();

Get Privacy Policy Template get_privacy_policy_template();

Is Privacy Policy is_privacy_policy();

WP is jsonp Request wp_is_jsonp_request();

WP is xml Request wp_is_xml_request();

WP is Recovery Modewp_is_recovery_mode();

is Protected Endpointis_protected_endpoint();

is Protected Ajax Actionis_protected_ajax_action();

WP is Fatal Error Handler Enabledwp_is_fatal_error_handler_enabled();

WP Recovery Mode wp_recovery_mode();

WP Register Fatal Error Handler wp_register_fatal_error_handler();

WP Get Update PHP Annotationwp_get_update_php_annotation();

WP Body Open wp_body_open();

WP Trusted Keys wp_trusted_keys();

WP Recovery Mode Nag wp_recovery_mode_nag();